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Meet the Team!

Drew Buchanan

Drew is a seventh-generation Floridian born and raised on the sugar-sand beaches of Northwest Florida. Growing up, he spent much of his time with friends and family on the undisturbed wilderness beaches of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and Florida's state parks. It was there that he developed an appreciation of the beauty — and fragility — of our natural world from an early age. After high school, he spent more than a year documenting the impacts of the 2010 BP oil spill on the Gulf Coast for national news outlets, gaining a first-hand experience of just how detrimental man-made disasters (and oil-based plastics) can be to our planet and communities. He developed a passion for sustainable entrepreneurship while living on the west coast during his time in the military and at school. Since returning home to Northwest Florida, he's founded several sustainability-focused small businesses, including Ziro Supply.

Best Asset: Not afraid of taking risks!

Biggest Motivation: Freedom and Travel

His Problem: Refusing to take directions from strangers

Kara - Operations Manager & Chief Sustainability Officer

After graduating from one of the top 5 hospitality management colleges in the world, Kara took the path less traveled. And it has made all the difference. She has lived, worked and traveled to 45 countries around the globe all the while learning about tourism and hospitality. She has stood in awe during sunrise at the Taj Mahal (while living in India), backpacked all over Europe, South America and Asia, got her scuba diving license in Thailand, and kayaked in Antarctica. She has worked for multiple adventure travel companies in India, Guatemala, and Chile. Everyday she works on building her portfolio for her tour operating company, Escape to Pensacola and Beyond. Her most recent venture is working for Ziro Supply, which parallels the values of her DMC, to live a more conscious eco-friendly life. 

She is ecstatic to wake up every day (period) and to be part of the solution! The key to a more green future starts in your own backyard! It starts with improving the systems of people in your own community… and then beyond. 

Best Asset: Creativity 

Biggest Motivation: Freedom and Travel

Her Problem: How to NOT overpack for a weekend getaway