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Biodegradable Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

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With lots of us now aware of the damage single use plastic has on our environment, more and people are switching to more sustainable products they can use over and over again. Our Biodegradable wheat straw travel cutlery set will not disappoint.
The current impact of plastic is devastating, wheat straw is an environmentally friendly alternative that works just as well. Not only is it a food grade material but completely biodegradable, breaking down in 3-6 months.
So what is wheat straw?
It's a byproduct of wheat, the same grain that is used to make pasta, flour and bread. It's what is left behind, making it the perfect zero waste material as there is no need for any additional farming or harvesting.
What's included?
1 Spoon, 1 fork and a pair of chopsticks housed in a compact box. Perfect for camping or to take on your travels when you're out and about.
How to Use
The utensils come in 2 halves. Simply take your utensil and handle and push together. Heat resistant up to 220 degrees.