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Jungle Culture - Bamboo Snack & Dip Bowls | Wooden Bowls (15cm /6" Diameter)

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Bamboo snack bowls | Handmade using sustainably sourced bamboo from Vietnam

Product Details:

Our bamboo snack and dip bowls are perfect for serving potato chips, mixed nuts and other accompaniments at parties! Handmade using spun bamboo and painted with a terrazzo pattern, our rustic wooden snack bowls slot into almost any home decor setting!

All of our bamboo bowl sets are made using natural and organic Vietnamese bamboo, famed for its light tone and speedy growth, meaning that our products do not contribute to deforestation.

Add our lightweight bamboo dipping bowls to your collection and serve your friends and family using all natural tableware!

Diameter: 15cm / 6"

Set Includes:

1 x Bamboo bowl or 2 x bamboo bowls (Packaged in a recycled kraft paper box, printed with our branding)

Product Identifier:

Set of one bowl: X001HFJP2J

Set of two bowls: X001HFJQRN