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Love&Lust LLC - Large Lions Paw Scallop 6"-7" Abalone Seashell for Smudging

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Makes a Great Cone Incense Burner, Smudge Stick Holder, or White Sage Ashtray. The Natural Rainbow Beauty Adds Elegance to Any Home or Office.
Great Crystal Holder, Altar Supplies or Shell Décor. Keyholder and Beautiful Trinket Bowl.
Great for Smudge Sticks or Palo Santo.
Perfect for smudging.
Extra Large Lions Paw Scallop (1)
Perfect for fine Beach Crafts and Ocean Art
Great for Beach Wedding Decor and Nautical Display
Can be used for Baking. Oven safe.
Wash and Re-use.
Each shell is unique as they are natural
Please allow for slight variation in color, size and shape
Nice for making seashell angels, and in numerous shellcraft projects.