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Natulim - Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets 36 Loads - Natulim

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We make Natulim detergent very carefully:

♻ Biodegradable cardboard container

🌿 Vegan and Cruelty Free

🧺 No need to use fabric softener

✅ Without having to measure: easy, clean and practical

❎ Free of phosphates and parabens

❎ Free of dyes and dioxanes

👶 For the most sensitive skin

💧 Dissolves in hot and cold water

👚 For white and colored clothes

✅ Works in any type of washer (including HE)

In a pack there are 18 sheets. Each sheet can be torn in half into 2 strips (they are marked), and then you have 36 washes. For washes of less than 4kg of laundry (the European standard) we recommend one strip, and for more than 4kg we recommend 2 strips.

The packaging is available in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish and Polish.

Ingredients: Polyvinyl Alcohol, Glycerol, Betaine, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cellulose, Coconut Diethanolamide, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Sodium Alpha-Olefin Sulfonate, Coconut Diethanolamide